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Josh is the CEO and founder of Glamour Marketing Group. He studied Fashion and Traditional Marketing in college but has a background in Digital Marketing and Social Media Management. He also has experience in fashion retail, as a skincare expert, and as a makeup artist. In his free time, he helps people in various internet groups with makeup and skincare tips. He lives and works for his passions.

Joshi Chen

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We offer the best-in-class digital marketing services with professional assistance.

Working with passion

We have a passion for all creative things and whatever we do, we do it with passion.

Simplicity is the key

We keep things simple yet attention grabbing to reach more customers.

Real solutions

We love nothing more than helping you achieve your goals every single time.

Practical Approach

We love coming up with big ideas and executing them with practical designs.

Clients come first

We truly believe that customer satisfaction is the best policy and always put our clients first.

Amazing Team

Our top dedicated professionals.

Caroline Harrison

Founder & Manager

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